the caged wolf
wake up

the tower sways
you should’ve known
you built it so high

YOU did
not THEM

they didn’t build

the words you trusted
that you revered
that you took as your own

they weren’t meant to serve you

never forget
they lined the sun with silver and gold
or so they said

it wasn’t sunlight you felt
it was heat decay of twisted filament
it sparkled and dazzled
but came off green in your hands

they rendered the world as they saw fit
our eyes wouldn’t serve us, only lie
lucky for us, they cast them out

but tonight we feel the moon

we grow restless
no longer content to soothe our sores
on the cold iron of our cages

we grow hungry
a scattered array of colors and feeling

drunk on chromatic madness

one cage opens

the moon covers all in white lead light

@dev_anglin @zakryelliot

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